Same Day Crowns
Sep 30

Same Day Crowns — The Most Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Their Build, Reliability, Benefits, and Cost!

Sep 30

To this day, when everyone wants a ready-made solution to their problems, same day crowns let you cope with your schedule without minding traditional restrictions. The terminology, i.e., ‘same day crowns,’ may sound entirely new or alluring to you. But, at the same time, it might have filled you with baffling questions like determining the difference between same day crowns and lab crowns, or CEREC crowns, what are they made of, how long would they last, and so on.

In counter to those questions, we have compiled this much-needed guide on same day crowns, containing an elusive list of all the questions you do or might host in your mind in the future. It does answer not only your questions but also lists the benefits and a handful of drawbacks to the procedure that you’d love to be equipped with, anyway.

With that said, let us start the session, to which lies your comfort and ease of a satisfied mind—that you made the right decision opting for the same day crowns. And yes, one more thing, it won’t take long!

What are Same Day Crowns?

The definition is quite simple. In fact, you might have understood it in the first place. To start with, your dentist first analyzes the condition of your crown and suggests the procedure of same day crowns accordingly. If you want, you can also get the same day crown by your will; however, we’d recommend you let the dentist have the last word.

For the definition, your dentists design these crowns on the spot. Well, technically, with their hands, but genuinely with CAD/CAM technology that processes the digital print of your tooth and crafts an as accurate crown out of dental porcelain that lasts quite some time (more on this below).

Are Same Day Crowns as Good as Lab Crowns?

The answer to this question raises the need to understand the difference between same day crowns and lab crowns. With that said, the difference is not a list of reasons but only their manufacturing processes.

A lab crown accommodates a metal structure at its core, while the same day crown is as natural as a tooth, with all porcelain built to mimic the surroundings of other teeth.

Also, a lab crown could also comprise a gold build, which depends on the tooth that needs replacement. So, in light of the definitions and differences, it would be wise to say that both the crowns are better off to the recommendation by dentists, unless, of course, you want a gold tooth to shine bright in your mouth.

CEREC and Same Day Crowns

Acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, CEREC, and same day crowns are the same. It is just that CEREC and crown are interchangeable terminologies; you may hear your dentist saying same day CEREC and same day crown throughout the consultation, which is identical and should not be confusing.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Of all the understood benefits to undergoing a same day crown procedure, one is hassle-free placement. Your dentist will make them right before your eyes, with their implantation carried out in minimal time.

And, if you know, you need to host a temporary crown in traditional crown procedures, which is not only grueling to place but also makes your eating activities a catastrophe. However, same day crowns do not necessitate any of it, just that you step into your dentist’s office following the appointment, get your tooth replaced with the crown, and cater to your schedules, as simple as using a vending machine.

Now, whatever of the two procedures you choose, be it modern-day same day crowns or the traditional cumbersome procedure, you will expect it to last longer, and promote the safety of your mouth while letting you chew or drink anything fearlessly.

It is not like the traditional procedures won’t offer you all that, but they will take time to get a firm grip on the roots, unlike same day crowns that require but a few hours of your time and get you going with your routine.

There are no errors or, say, drawbacks to mention about them except for the fact that what makes quickly diminishes just alike. And in comparison to the traditional crowns, the same day crowns may not last as much, but there can be exceptions if you are careful of their wear off.

How Much Do Same Day Crowns Cost?

For an idea, same day crowns may cost you somewhere between $1400 to $2000. They are expensive that we can agree with, but since they are saving you—your time, they would come at a considerable price tag, or say the opportunity cost.

Also, there are some factors that affect their costs, including the material and the eligibility. Both factors are interdependent on each other, for it is the eligibility that decides the material of the crown, which could either be porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.

Elaborating more on the eligibility, it is not inevitable that you are fully capable to handle either build of the same day crown; your dentist would guide you best on that, and as we have been suggesting, you should stick to their verdict.

How Long Does a Same Day Crown Take?

A same day crown placement barely takes 2 hours. It is because most cases end at the 90th-minute mark, with all post-procedure touchups done and concluded. You do not even have to visit your dentist twice; visiting only once would complete the entire process, allowing for usual chewing and physical activities following a few hours or, at max, a day’s rest, which is for exceptionally critical cases.

How Long Do Same Day Crowns Last?

For the least tenure, a same day crown may last for 10 years, and as many as 15 or more years upon attentive conduction of activities and recommended maintenance. Contrarily, a traditional crown would last for 30 years, and they are more affordable than same day crowns, but they would take your time, which is something you can save with same day CEREC.


The same day crowns could be your go-to escape from tiring traditional procedures that also affect your overall health. But, you need to be conscious of their price tags, for they have, to this day, been the factors to compel people for traditional crowns, to be more affordable than theirs.

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