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Dexiter Rubber Dam Clamps *Comparable to Hu-Friedy*

Dexiter Rubber Dam Clamps *Comparable to Hu-Friedy*

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Dexiter Rubber Dam Clamps come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different tooth types and treatment needs. WE HAVE ALL SIZES AVAILABLE!

Here are some common types:

Winged clamps: These clamps have small projections, or "wings," on either side that help in securing the rubber dam firmly in place. The wings aid in preventing the rubber dam from slipping during the procedure, ensuring a stable and dry working area.

Wingless clamps: Unlike winged clamps, wingless clamps do not have the additional side projections. They rely solely on the clamp's shape and placement to secure the rubber dam in position. These clamps are often used when there is limited space or when the presence of wings might interfere with the procedure.

Bicuspid clamps: Bicuspid clamps are specifically designed for premolar teeth, which have two cusps. They have a shape that conforms to the contours of premolar teeth, allowing for secure placement and effective isolation during dental work on these teeth.

Molar clamps: Molar clamps are designed for molar teeth, which have a larger surface area compared to other teeth. They are available in various sizes and shapes to fit different molar configurations. Molar clamps are essential for creating a tight seal and maintaining isolation during dental procedures on molars.

Dentists select the appropriate type of rubber dam clamp based on the tooth being treated and the specific requirements of the dental procedure, ensuring optimal isolation and visibility for successful treatment outcomes.

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