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$200.00 $280.00

Proveneer™ Life Like Veneers is a complete system for creating custom-made in-office veneers. addressing and solving the complicity and high cost associated with porcelain and preformed veneers or matrix systems. Made from a specially formulated resin-based foundation material ProVeneer can be fitted to the exact size, shape and margins of the tooth in minutes.

• Lab free veneer
• Preservation of natural tooth
• Guaranteed results - Preview Veneer
• Easy implementation
• Minimal chair time

Smile Preview Veneer
ProVeneers' patented Smile Preview Veneer (SPV) enables dentists to fabricate in the clinic a specific and unique “one of a kind” veneer to suit the patient’s clinical case, in just a few minutes. It is a reversible procedure, as no filing is done prior to final bonding.

The Smile Preview allows patients to determine if they like the size, shape, color and appearance of their teeth BEFORE deciding to have the actual veneer work. Since it’s not computer imaging, it guarantees what the patient’s smile will look like.


Compressive Strength >320MPa
The Flexural Strength >120MPa
Flexural Modulus >15 GPa
Radiopacity >2.5mm Al
Vickers Hardness >80HV
Filler Content >78 % w/w