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Description: Golden plated Cylindrical Cross Head Screw Posts Refill L2, lead free alloy, 12 Screw Posts.
Manufacturer Code: 03-017
Brand: Screw Posts
Packaging: 12 post refill
Size: #L2
Type: Gold-plated post

Description: Glassix Plus Kit: 20 Posts (5 of each size), 4 Reamers (1 of each size) and 1 Pilot Reamer. Latest Generation of Highly Radiopaque and Light Transmitting Fiber Posts. Anatomically shaped to fit the root canal (cylindro-conical) with a color coding for easy identification and mechanical retentions.
Manufacturer Code: 02-300
Brand: Glassix Plus
Packaging: Single kit
Size: Assorted sizes
Type: Fiber post

Description: Golden Cylindrical Cross Head Screw Posts Assortment 120, lead free alloy, cylindrical gold plated screw posts with head for cross key, 20 x 6 Screw Posts and 1 hollow key and 1 cross key.
Manufacturer Code: 03-002
Brand: Screw Posts
Packaging: 120 screw posts & 2 keys
Size: Assorted sizes
Type: Gold-plated post