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$129.00 $230.00

Light Cure, Glass Ionomer Liner/Base
ProBase™ is a reinforced glass-ionomer cement that is designed for use as a luting/lining cement. 
ProBase™ is the perfect liner/base solution to help protect dentin.

• Flouride release 
• Light cure command set 
• Strong adhesion to dentin 
• Excellent radiopacity 
• Good biocompatibility 
• Excellent mechanical properties


Liner/Base underneath composites, amalgam, ceramic & metal restorations

Physical Properties
Based on its excellent adhesion qualities, ProBase™ can be used under any kind of restorative material. 
ProBase™ exhibits high radiopacity, high strength and snap set. 

• Recommended setting time 20sec 
• Depth of cure > 4mm 
• Compression strength > 110 MPa 
• Diametral Tensile Strength > 20 MPa 
• Flexural Strength 44 MPa 
• Adhesion to conditioned dentin > 8MPa

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$60.00 $90.00
$60.00 $90.00
Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
ProGlass™ One chemically bonds to tooth structure & metal providing excellent strength and marginal integrity for long term restorations. 
ProGlass™ One is designed for final cementation of metal inlays, onlays, posts and orthodontic brackets

• Excellent marginal seal 
• Minimizes microleakage 
• Easy seating of restoration 
• Superior longevity and restoration integrity 
• No need for primer or adhesive 
• Fluoride release 
• Enhanced physical properties
$90.00 $120.00
$90.00 $120.00

Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer cement
ProGlass Plus™, a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement, bonds chemically and mechanically to tooth structure and to all types of core material. 
ProGlass Plus™ is designed for final cementation of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal and metal free crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

• Higher bond strengths than conventional glass ionomer cements 
• Simple placement technique 
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion 
• Maintains all benefits of true glass Ionomer 
• Excellent biocompatibility to tooth structure and soft tissues. 
• Fluoride release


Physical Properties 
• Cementation of all types of metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges 
• Cementation of porcelain inlays 
• Cementation to all types of core material including prefabricated pins , posts and cast posts 
• Cementable reinforced all ceramic crowns

Powder/Liquid Working Kit (15g/6.8ml) 
Trial Size Powder/Liquid Kit (8g/5ml) 
Coming Soon - Innovative GI Capsule (Box of 50)

$110.00 $150.00
$110.00 $150.00

ProGlass™ Silver - Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement
ProGlass™ Silver is a mercury free fluoride releasing silver restorative. Designed to offer strong abrasion resistance, ProGlass™ Silver offers a unique blend of spherical silver-tin alloy with glass ionomer, providing an ultimate balance between working and setting time. ProGlass™ Silver is ideal for lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair and can also be used in cases where radiopacity is required.

• Unique blend of 100% spherical silver-tin alloy with glass ionomer 
• Versatile clinical application 
• Strong abrasion resistant 
• Optimal level of radiopacity 
• Fluoride Release

Physical Properties 
• Core build-up 
• Restoration of primary teeth 
• Base or liner 
• Class I, limited Class II, temporary fillings

Powder/Liquid Working Kit (20g/10ml) 
Trial Size Powder/Liquid Kit (8g/5ml)) 

Conforms to: 
ISO 9917:2003