What Does Wisdom Teeth Pain Feel Like? 6 Signs of Wisdom Teeth Coming in
Jun 08

What Does Wisdom Teeth Pain Feel Like? 6 Signs of Wisdom Teeth Coming in

Jun 08

Are you experiencing jaw-shattering pain in your mouth? You probably have a wisdom tooth emerging. Contrary to most people’s view, wisdom tooth eruption can occur anytime in your life after seventeen.

Toothaches are called the worst form of pain that can drastically affect your quality of life. And unsurprisingly, the wisdom tooth pain is double the usual toothache. So if you are experiencing harrowing pain at the back of your mouth followed by fever, know that your wisdom tooth is erupting.

This leads to the question, what does wisdom teeth pain feel like exactly? This guide has all the answers you need regarding how the pain feels and how to be sure if it’s a wisdom tooth pain.

How to know if my wisdom tooth is erupting?

If you encounter the following symptoms, you should know that your wisdom tooth is coming in:

  • Slight irritation and swelling in the gums and behind the second molars
  • A dull and infrequent pain at the back of the jaw, with intensity gradually increasing with time.
  • Pain around the eyes and ears.
  • Redness in the gums that resides on the top of the wisdom teeth
  • Small white pecks behind your second molars
  • Unpleasant breath

What does Wisdom Teeth pain feel like?

Wisdom tooth eruption starts from your jaw, followed by pain and discomfort. However, most people ask how they would know if it’s wisdom teeth pain and not a regular toothache. Well, there is no definitive answer to that, but if you start to feel the above-listed symptoms, there is a 99% chance that it’s wisdom tooth pain.

In some cases, people also experience puss and bleeding around the area where the wisdom tooth emerges, indicating that the wisdom tooth is going to erupt.

Why Does Wisdom tooth eruption hurt?

The wisdom tooth pain emerges before even the wisdom tooth itself erupts. That said, the toe-curling pain doesn’t exist in everyone’s case. Some people have a smooth eruption and later get it extracted as per their choice.

Why Does Wisdom tooth eruption hurt


Returning to the question, wisdom tooth eruption hurts because your jaw lacks the space to accommodate the third molar. Hence, it fails to erupt properly and grows at an odd angle, causing pressure on the tooth located next to it.

In some cases, the wisdom tooth gets entrapped in the jaw and doesn’t fully emerge, causing obstructions and severe pain. Not to mention, since they emerge at the back of the mouth, poor hygiene can pave the way for infections, and bacterial growth, ultimately leading to extreme, unbearable pain.


  • How do I know if my pain is from wisdom teeth?

Throbbing pain while biting and chewing, accompanied by swollen or tender gums, are the common symptoms of wisdom tooth pain.

  • What does it feel like when wisdom teeth are coming in?

Even if you have a smooth eruption of the wisdom tooth, you will still experience mild pain and slight pressure on your jaw.

  • How long does wisdom tooth pain last?

Wisdom tooth pain duration varies from person to person. Some experience pain for three to four days, while others experience discomfort and sharp pain until they get it extracted.

  • Will wisdom teeth pain go away on its own?

Unfortunately, only in some cases does wisdom tooth pain goes on its own. Dental surgery is recommended for people who experience consistent pain with infection and fever.

  • Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

There is no need for wisdom tooth extraction if causing no pain, which is rare. In most cases, people get it removed as soon as it erupts to avoid any infection in the future.


Apart from extreme pain, some common symptoms you can look for to identify wisdom tooth pain include swelling at the back of your mouth, sore lymph nodes, difficulty opening your mouth, earache, and headache. If all these symptoms appear simultaneously, you should know that your wisdom tooth is growing in.

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