how to get rid of a toothache fast
Nov 25

How to Get Rid of a Toothache Fast? 12 Instant Non-Medication Cures!

Nov 25

You can never imagine how excruciating toothache is until you experience it yourself. It can happen to anyone at any time without any prior signal. Regardless of its severity, a toothache can ruin your entire day, and if not treated properly, it will annoy you occasionally your entire life.

We sure you have no intention of living with this pain for the rest of your life. Now, what’s the plan? How to get rid of a toothache fast? Lucky you! You can treat toothache on your own if you religiously follow our suggested remedies. It will give you relief till you wait for your dentist’s appointment.

What will you learn in this guide? First, you will get to learn quick remedies to get rid of toothache, and second, symptoms when you should see a dentist immediately.

Toothache Described

Toothache described

Any sharp, tingling, or sudden pain in the tooth that either comes and goes or stays constant is called toothache. Toothache doesn’t necessarily originate from the tooth every time. It can start from the gums and extend to the tooth, thus causing tooth pain. The pain frequently appears in the jaw joint, TMJ, ear, and sinuses and radiates to the heart problem in worse cases.

Possible Causes of Toothache

Toothaches can be caused by a variety of reasons. Below we have mentioned the common dental conditions that cause tooth pain.

  • Bacterial Infection

Not following proper oral care after having junk can lead to bacterial infection development. The bacteria in your mouth start feeding on those sticky leftovers and decay your tooth gradually, as a result, you feel a sharp pain in your tooth.

  • Dental Cavities

Again, consuming excessively sugary food items can cause dental cavities. The condition is characterized by dental pulp inflammation, leading to trauma and infection.

  • Tooth Fracture

A broken or fractured tooth can also cause severe pain. It is one of the leading causes of toothache.

  • Wisdom Tooth Eruption

While for some, it may not be painful, most people feel severe pain during the eruption of the wisdom tooth. Thereby most get it removed once it pops out.

  • Infected Gums

Gum infection is another cause of toothache. When your gums are infected due to periodontal disease, it escalates to the surrounding teeth and causes sharp toothache.

How to get rid of a Toothache Fast? 12 Toothache Remedies

How to get rid of a toothache fast

Many of the remedies below will definitely help you relieve pain. In fact, some are even capable of treating minor tooth conditions. That said, these remedies are no cure. They just buy you some time till your appointment day. Now check out the following how to get rid of a bad toothache fast,

  • Ice

Apart from its benefits for the fact, it is also known as a numbing agent. You can do it by wrapping some ice in a towel or cloth and applying it to the area of pain. It will gradually numb that area, and in a bit, you will feel no pain. Make sure you put the ice in the right place and for a minimum of 15 minutes without lifting up. If you can’t hold ice in your mouth for so long, try doing the same hack using cold water. Hold the ice water in your mouth and spit it out after 15 minutes.

  • Saltwater Rinse

Ok, so Google doesn’t help when you need it the most. Instead, head to your kitchen, finds some salt, add it to the warm water and make a saline solution. Once the salt has dissolved, rinse your mouth with the solution. It would help you relieve the pain. It will also clean the surrounding of the affected tooth of bacteria.

  • Elevate your Head

Elevating your head helps a lot to minimize toothache. While it is difficult to get sleep when you have tooth pain, lying down with your head elevated will relieve you. Stack one or more pillows when going to sleep and try to prop your head up to sleep.

  • Rinse your Mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide

Some people experience toothache due to serious gum infections like periodontitis. The condition is a result of poor oral hygiene and causes soreness and gum bleeding, loose teeth, or tooth loss.

 A 2016 study found that rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide helps with plaque accumulation and symptoms of periodontitis. However, you cannot just directly put hydrogen peroxide into your mouth. You need to dilute food-grade hydrogen peroxide into an equal quantity of water. Stir it well and rinse your mouth. Also, make sure you don’t swallow it.

  • Peppermint Tea Bag

Fortunately, not all tooth pain-relieving hacks are boring. Peppermint tea is a delish way to minimize toothache instantly. Boil a cup of water, soak a tea bag for a few minutes, and remove. No, you don’t need to drink that tea, it’s the tea bag that’s of our use.

Wait for the tea bag to cool down to warm. Then apply it to the area of pain in your mouth. Those who don’t like to use it warm can even put it into the freezer and then use it for a cooler sensation. This hack is extremely effective in relieving toothache, especially at night when you have no other option.

  • Clove Oil

You must have heard of clove oil for relieving toothache and if not, you are missing out on a big thing. Clove oil has eugenol, which helps sterilize injuries. Clove oil is readily available at any convenience store or pharmacy in the US. When you experience a toothache, apply oil on a piece of cotton to the affected area.

If the clove oil seems too strong, you can add some water to it or can combine it with olive or almond oil to dilute it.

  • Vanilla Extract

Another yum way to reduce tooth pain is using vanilla extract. Since it contains alcohol and antioxidants, it is an effective healer for tooth conditions. When you experience a toothache, just take some vanilla extract from a cotton ball and apply it to the area of pain. Repeat the process a few times a day and the pain will be gone.

  • Cold Compress

A cold compress can also work well in relieving tooth pain. Take an ice bag or DIY one at home by wrapping some ice in a towel. Once the ice bag is ready, apply it to the affected area. It will constrict the blood vessels in that area and will numb it. Before you even realize that the pain is gone, you will be asleep.

  • Warm Compress

If you firmly believe in heat's therapeutic and healing power, you need to try a warm compress for your toothache. If you don’t have a warm compress at home, you can make one by yourself. All you need to do is get a sock and fill it with raw rice and tie it safely.  Toss it into the microwave for like a minute or two and then finally apply it to the affected side of your face. Doing so will interrupt the pain signals to your brain and as a result, you will feel relief.

  • Thyme

Thyme leaves or oil can be a great pain reliever for those suffering from acute tooth pain. Add a few drops of thyme leaves into a glass full of water and make a solution like a mouthwash and use it. Also another way to use it is by pouring the mixture on a cotton ball and placing it directly on the area of pain.

  • Wheatgrass

Apart from being a good detoxifying agent for your system, wheatgrass also helps in treating tooth pain. It is extremely effective in addressing dental infections due to bacteria. And it is also quite simple to use. Just get ready-made wheatgrass juice and rinse your mouth just as you would with a mouthwash.

  • Try Acupressure

So many of you might be new to this term, but trust us, it is a proven way to minimize tooth pain. It is a kind of manual therapy in which you need to exert pressure on some key points, also called the lines of energy, to release endorphins. It is a detailed topic so it is better to read about it in detail to learn how to perform it at home.

Can Toothache go away on its own?

Acute toothaches may go away on their own and sometimes after a brief visit to a dentist. But if the pain is due to some chronic dental condition like gum disease or something, you need proper treatment to make it go away. Until your appointment day, try to keep the use of that tooth minimum. Consume mostly soft foods and avoid chewy and crispy foods and candies. Also, if the pain is accompanied by hot and cold sensitivity, you need to avoid such foods and beverages as well.


So these were the best answers to ‘how to get rid of a toothache fast at home’. While these are effective solutions, they are definitely not an alternative to professional care. Try only to keep them for difficult situations when you legit cannot contact or visit a dentist. Otherwise, as soon as you wake up, it is advisable to get an appointment with your dentist.

The dentist will closely examine your dental condition and devise appropriate treatment plans to treat the condition.