Can Bad Teeth cause Sinus Problems
Oct 28

Can Bad Teeth cause Sinus Problems - Correlation between Oral Hygiene and a Sinus Infection

Oct 28

Could there be a link between bad teeth and sinus problems? And if so, how can bad teeth trigger sinus problems?

After digging deep into this topic, we discovered that tooth issues and sinus problems are co-related. In fact, many authentic research studies support the notion and have further justified their statement to answer the ‘can bad teeth cause sinus problems’ query. Fortunately, we went through most of them and brought you their extract so you can learn about it more easily.

Can Bad Teeth cause Sinus Problems?

Yes, bad teeth can cause sinus infections, also called sinusitis. In fact, sharp pain in the upper back teeth is one of the symptoms of sinus infection. It occurs when the empty spaces in your skull attached to the naval cavity become swollen or inflated. Sinus pressure and nasal discharge can cause tooth pain. Therefore, when you suffer sinusitis, you experience pain around the rear teeth, which are located close to the sinuses.

Sinus Anatomy

There are different types of sinuses in your body. One is located near your nasal cavity, called the paranasal sinuses. Apart from there, you have sinuses in your brain as well called dural venous sinuses. 

It is a group of sinuses, precisely 4 in number, filled with air located in the forehead, facial bones and bones at the back of your cheeks. These sinuses keep your nasal passages warm and moist and help filter air to pass through the passage. They also produce nasal discharge also called mucus which flows down into the nasal cavity and clears the nose.

An infection can occur when these sinuses get blocked for any reason. It can also happen when harmful bacteria enter your nose while blowing or coughing.

When a sinus infection occurs, congestion and pressure accompanying the infection can cause pain and discomfort in your upper jaw. You must be wondering how so? It is because the sinuses are connected to your upper teeth’s roots, and when you feel pain in your upper jaw, it spreads to the sinuses as well.

Does Poor Oral Health cause Sinusitis?

Poor oral hygiene could be the underlying reason for so many health issues, especially dental problems. So definitely, poor oral hygiene can be a possible cause of sinus issues.

The reason is that when a patient has severe teeth or gum infection, the pain travels to the sinuses close to the teeth; hence, they experience sinus issues. The bone separating the maxillary sinuses and the roots of the back teeth is quite thin. Therefore, the pain travels fast across it, causing sinus pain and toothache simultaneously. An untreated tooth or gum disease must be immediately treated in order to prevent sinus issues as well as other long-term damage.

Can Tooth Abscess cause Sinus Infection?

Can Tooth Abscess cause Sinus Infection

Firstly, a tooth abscess is caused when a puss accumulates in the bone tissue or gums due to a bacterial infection. Usually, an abscess occurs from trauma or dental cavities.

An abscess can be a primary cause of sinusitis and headaches. The dentist recommends a root canal or tooth extraction in severe cases for such patients. If you suspect any of the below symptoms, seek attention from an experienced dentist to deal with the issue immediately. An abscess is typically accompanied by:

  • Gum pain
  • Tooth pain
  • Sinus infection

So that’s how poor oral hygiene can lead to such serious infections. Try to schedule appointments with a dentist every six months to take care of your oral health.

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How to Treat an Infected Tooth?

Since tooth infection causes sinus problems, it must be treated instantly to cure the sinus infection. While you can treat the pain through over-the-counter painkillers or antibiotics, the real issue must be addressed to cure the root cause in the first place.

The treatment for an infected tooth depends on the type and severity of the infection. A tooth x-ray may be required to identify the area of focus, and if necessary, tooth extraction must be performed. Also, your dentist will determine whether you can receive the treatment in the same visit or need another appointment at a later date to get the procedure done.

If tooth extraction is performed, your dentist may offer you to get a dental implant or dental bridge to fill the gap. However, if you opt for an implant or dental bridge, you must book another appointment.


Yes, bad oral hygiene can definitely cause sinus problems. If you don’t floss, brush your teeth regularly, and experience toothache, you need to consult your dentist for an oral exam. They will look for possible causes for the toothache and determine whether it’s causing a sinus infection or not.