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We are Franklin Dental Supplies, authorized dealers of dental products. We have been established since 1980 with our steadfast goal to provide the highest quality dental products around. At Franklin Dental Supplies, you’ll find the best dental products. That’s because we have nearly 40 years of experience in selling dental products across the US. We strive to be one of the best distributors out there because we take pride in providing the finest products possible to our customers, no matter where they are.

Franklin dental supplies has been operating out of Baldwin, New York for several decades. We have an unparalleled expertise which has helped us become a premier dental product distributor. Our passion for our work has enabled us to look beyond the metrics and focus on the needs of the customer. We’re always striving to deliver the highest grade of products possible. In addition to this, we run our business quite efficiently. This has enabled us to provide our customers with high quality products at very affordable rates.

Our mission is to give our customers access to the best dental products they can buy. We at Franklin dental supplies, ensure that each and every one of our products matches our standards and we’d stake our reputation on it! This is why you will find that we only deliver genuine products that will match your expectations. Our goal from day one has been to cultivate a strong customer base by forming relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

At Franklin dental supplies, we want to keep on serving our commitment to ourselves and our customers. We want to continue providing high grade dental supplies across the country. Along the way, we also want to do the very best we can to improve our business as much as possible, because we deeply care about our journey onwards.

Why Choose Us?

Franklin Dental Supplies is one of the leading suppliers of dental products in the US. We provide all kinds of dental products of the highest quality because we deal only in the most genuine and high-grade products. Our Business Strategy at Franklin Dental Supplies, deals directly with the product manufacturers; this enables us to give you the most reasonable rates out there. Since we are the authorized dealers for all products on our website, we guarantee to only provide you with genuine and authentic products. Here at Franklin Dental Supplies, your satisfaction is our number one guarantee.