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$74.00 $104.00

Dispersed Phase Alloy 69.5%Ag, High Copper, Non Gamma II.
Nogama® is an admix of spherical, copper-silver eutectic particles and lathe–cut conventional alloy. 
Nogama® provides a firm pack and smooth carving.

• Special controlled compositions are available and developed according to design procedures in compliance to ISO 13485:2012

• Increased strength of restored teeth
• Excellent durability
• Corrosion resistant
• Supreme marginal adaptability

Nogama® has a high compressive strength that minimizes the risk of restoration fracture. 
Composition Ag 69.5%, Sn 19.5%, Cu 10.5%, Zn 0.5%

• Particle Shape 80% Lathe cut 20% spherical
• Average Creep (7 days) 0.35%
• Average Dimensional Change +0.08%
• Average Compressive Strength (1hr) 164 MPa
• Average Compressive Strength (24hr) 470 MPa

Nogama® has excellent handling characteristics and makes it ideal for large restorations

Conforms to: 
ISO 24234
Mercury and Alloys for dental amalgam