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Flowable Restorative Material - NEW Economy kit - 4x1gr syringes (A1, A2, A3 & A3.5) COMPARES TO: Revolution by Kerr™ Flow is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, flowable composite. 
The excellent flowable consistency characteristics makes ProFil™ Flow an ideal composite for filling cavities. ProFil™ Flow is available in more than 4 shades.

• Excellent esthetic properties 
• No oozing or slumping 
• Perfect for minimal invasive restorations 
• Low Viscosity 
• Maximum versatility 
• High polish retention & stable color match 
• Long term fluoride release 
• Low shrinkage 
• Indications 
• Class III, Class V, Smaller Class IV restorations 
• Base/liner in Class I & Class II restorations 
• Repair of resin, porcelain and acrylic temporary materials 
• Pit & Fissure sealant 
• Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations 
• Undercut blockout

Physical Properties 
ProFil™, a micro hybrid composite has outstanding physical properties that provide excellent wear resistance. 
Sensitivity to ambient light Above 100 sec. 
Weight of total inorganic filler 78% 
Volume of total inorganic filler 59% 
Depth of cure > 1.5 mm 
Compressive strength > 230 MPa 
Flexural Strength > 120MPa 
Water Absorption < 40 µg / Щ 
Solubility < 7.5 µg / Щ