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Admix Alloy, High Copper, Non Gamma II
Spherodon M® is a spherical lathe cut blended amalgam alloy (type III) that provides excellent stability, enhanced corrosion resistance and reduced ditching. 
Special controlled compositions are available and developed according to design procedures in compliance to ISO 13485:2012

• Outstanding dimensional stability 
• Improved marginal integrity 
• More body & easy condensation versatility 
• Reduced risk of fracture 
• High corrosion resistance


Physical Properties 
Spherodon-M® offers excellent stability, enhanced corrosion resistance and reduced ditching.
• Composition Ag 45.5%, Sn 31.5%, Cu 23%
• New Composition (Type A): Ag 50.3%, Sn 28.6%, Cu 21.1%
• Particle Shape 40% Lathe cut 60% spherical
• Average Creep (7 days) 0.35%Average Dimensional Change +0.08%
• Average Compressive Strength (1hr) 178 MPa
• Average Compressive Strength (24hr) 460 MPa
• Spherodon M® has a high copper content that completely eliminates the weak and corrosive gamma 2 phase.  

Conforms to: 
ISO 24234